Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're here!!!

Hi everyone,

We made it to Romania!! We just arrived in Brasov at our apartment, which is beautiful and has free internet. Luckly the flight from Detroit to Amsterdam went with out a hitch. We were forunate that it went fast and we were able to get right onto our connecting flight. We arrived in Bucharest and were greeted by our friendly driver. Our three hour car ride took us thourgh lots of mountains and beautiful old cities.

God is already moving and working amoung our group. On our second flight Melissa woke up with terrible ear pains and lost the hearing in her right ear. After group prayer and our drive through the mountians her ear is healed!! Praise God!!

We are all thankful to be here and get a good nights sleep. Here are some pictures of the apartment, city, and team members. We will continue to update our blog as time permits. Thanks for all your love and support!! We are so blessed to be here.


  1. Glad you made it safe! Hope your first night was restful! Now get ready to let the love of God flow through you to bless those orphans. You are covered in prayer!

    We love you Valvet!!!

    Steve, Tyler & Rylie

  2. Hey there sweetheart. Glad that you all made it and that God is answering prayers already. You are missed. But I know that God has you right where you are suppose to be. Had a Good day with family and celebrateing Mark's birthday and am going down to Josh on Sunday. Love Mom and Dad

  3. Robin, We know God will be working thru all of you, what a blessing to have this opportunity!! Dad and I are praying for a moving experience in the lives of the young people we will be with in Daytona starting tomorrow, especially Mackenzie. She met a lot of the kids this morning at church, and right now she is waiting to be picked up to go to the lake with a bunch of them. God is good!! These are some spirit filled Christian kids, pray, pray, pray...
    Love you, Mom and Dad

  4. Melissa
    Good to see your face and glad to see you made it safely.We think about you every day and miss you lots. We are very proud of all of you ladies and the work you are doing.
    God bless
    Love Dad & Jeanette