Saturday, July 18, 2009

At the airport

It's hard to believe that our time here is done. We had a great last day spent with the team from Hope for the Nations. We met up for breakfast and than spent the afternoon at Braun's Castle. It was a lot of fun and we loved developing deeper relationships with all the team members. It was a hard goodbye to say after our week here serving beside them, but we know that the people and babies of Romania are well loved here and that Alisha will be a great addition to the team.
It is currently 4:30am and we are sitting in the airport waiting for check-in to open. We are all sad to leave, yet ready to be back home. Thank you all for your love during this trip. We couldn't have done any of this without the blessings we received from God and support from all of you. We pray that although we are leaving here we hope that our time here will help us develop awareness of needs in Romania so that we can continue to help spread God's blessings to the Romanian people.

To all our friends and family, we can't wait to see you later!!!!

Love always,
The Romanian Team

Friday, July 17, 2009

Last day at the hospital

Today has been a beautifully rough day. All of us struggled having to spend our last shift with the kids, but we poured out all we had for the kids. We each have been touched by all the babies and have loved loving on them. We know that although we will be leaving them here, they will continued to be loved on by the Hope for the Nations team here and most importantly by God. This afternoon Robin, Tracy and Colleen went into the gypsy village to deliver groceries to a couple sponsored families. These families live in extreme poverty. We were able to meet some of the families that the kids at the hospital come from. The families were thankful to receive food. Hope for the Nations is hoping to collect enough donations to rebuild the roof on one of the sponsored homes. We also met with a family who has a handicapped daughter and is hoping to receive a sponsor. It was a life changing experience to see the living conditions of others who have almost nothing. We are thankful to have been given the opportunity to be in Romania and love the people. Each one of us has been learning something unique from God and each one of has felt connected to a specific baby. Our hearts are forever changed and we will continue to love and pray for these little ones even though we will be home soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4- morning shift

Valvet, Melissa, Colleen and I (Theresa) had a beautiful day today. Colleen's little one is roughly 15 months old, but does not walk or talk. Today as Colleen sat holding her she would reach up, touch her face, and smile. She loves to laugh every time Colleen gives her a kiss. Valvet's little one, Dianna, was laughing and playing with her. Melissa's little one, Eddie was playing with her cell phone and learned how to say "Alo, Eddie!" it was wonderful to hear his raspy little voice!! Little Samuel has my heart...he is so malnurished that he doesn't try to stand and can barely hold himself in a sitting position. We've been exercising those little legs and today he stood on them for the first time for me! I also went with a nurse to help with the ear clinic. Robert had infection in his right ear today...they popped his eardrum to release the fluid. It was very painful for me to watch, I pray that the medical conference Hope for the Nations is providing in August will help the doctors here learn other practices for these basic issues. God, open their eyes and ears to new techniques!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 at the hospital

We had a great day in the hospital today. Tracy gained a victory with the little one she has been working with the past few days. As soon as she walked into her room this morning the little girl lifted her hands up to Tracy to be taken out of her crib. The two had a good time interacting and Tracy was able to get her to laugh. She is bonding with Tracy in a powerful and special way. The afternoon shifted noticed that she was struggling with feeling alone because she began crying out again. We are praying that her spirit will continue to be healed and ask that all of you pray for her brokenness also.

Melissa fell in love with a little boy named Eddy. He is one of the older children on the respiratory floor, although he does not seem to have any sickness besides being left. He has a free spirit when he has shoes on and is able to play around the room, but once he has to be placed back into the crib he screams out and paces back and forth. Yesterday Melissa worked a lot with him and began teaching him a game with our "official badges" and today he began the game on his own. We each know that we are making a difference here because of children like Eddy who remember the time we spend with them.

Robin has been working with a special needs baby. We all know that Robin's time with Maria will impact Maria's life in a big way because it is so easy for these special needs children to be over looked.

Theresa has been working a lot with a little boy who looks to be around the of age 8 months based on his size, but today we found out that he is a year and a half old. He needs a lot of physical love, but more importantly he needs a lot of spiritual and emotional love.

Valvet worked with the babies, but also did diaper distribution. Hope for the Nations provides diapers for all the children in the hospital who are with out any family. Valvet walked all the floors with one of the supervisors and passed out the diapers. During that time she was able to see children on the surgery, maternity, cancer, ICU, respiratory, digestive, and physic floor.

Colleen worked with a little girl who is older, but small. She should be up walking and running around, but she does not have the strength or muscle mass to support herself when she stands. She is quick to give a smile and learned how to blow kisses. She has a sweet spirit and a tender heart.

We love all the babies in the hospital and are growing more and more attached to them.

This evening we went to Alisha's new apartment and had dinner with the whole Hope for the Nations team. We ate a german food called bread on a stick (which is literally bread that you bake on a stick). We were able to spend a couple hours talking and hearing the hearts of the volunteers who live in Romania. We all feel so blessed to have spent time with them and serve along side them. The week is flying by fast and we can't believe we only have a couple more days with the staff and children at the hospital.

Thank you for your support and prayers!! Please keep praying for chains to be broken and God's spirit to flow through this city and country.

Day 2 at the hospital

Today we had a hard yet rewarding day. We had two healings with respiratory problems. Thank you Jesus!!! In the morning Colleen fell in love with a newer baby who wouldn't look her in the eyes. He had some breathing problems, but after praying over him and speaking God's love to him, his breathing returned to normal. By the end of the shift she got him to look her in the eyes.
Valvet also had a respiratory healing. She was holding and loving on a baby when she noticed that his chest had a rattle sound to it. She began praying over him and the rattling stopped. PRAISE GOD!! We are seeking and contending for God to give more healings while we are here.
Tracy also had a special day at the hospital. She began holding a little girl who continued to cry and scream for her mom. We found out that she had been dropped off that morning, and it was not the first time the little girl had been left there. Tracy's heart connected with her and became broken for her. This little girl has a broken spirit and Tracy feels her heart of feeling abandoned. This week Tracy will get to spend time pouring God's spirit into her, and we can't wait to see what God will do.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pictures of Farm 10, 11 and a support family

These first two pictures are of a family that is in need of sponsorship. The little girl stole my heart!! She kept peeking around the gate to wave at me!
These are the kids from Farm 10 after we gave them the gifts that were sent from back home...those were some happy kids!!

this is an example of gypsy travel

This is farm 11. It hasn't been renovated yet, there is raw sewage seeping up through the ground because their septic tanks need repair.

this is the patriarch of the families of farm 10...he was very hospitable!

these are the current bathrooms for farm 11, there are about 50 kids alone that have to use these.

Monday, July 13, 2009