Thursday, July 9, 2009

We created this blog to keep all our friends and family updated on our trip to Brasov, Romania.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. God bless your travel and may His love be cast upon these young orphans. Thank you for serving in this way! Our prayers are with the team.

    Steve Isel

  2. Praying for you all. May God go before you and prepare the hearts of the babies and workers to receive your love.
    You ARE making a difference. I have two little ones whose lives are totally different because we dared to love them when others saw them as "lost causes".
    Be brave and do the impossible.
    Love you- tami

  3. hey girls how was the flight? you are in our prayers and so excited and proud of all of you for making the commitment and sacrifice to do this. YOU ARE HIS HANDS! Love like you never have before ladies.
    PS I love you Melissa...

  4. It is great to H be able to see what you are all seeing. It makes it all so real for us. We serve an awsome God. Please give each one of the babies a extra hug and kiss from us. This week will go so fast for you all Keep your eyes on Him love Mom

  5. It looks beautiful there. Your first day in the hospital ladies, is it what you expected or more? The beautiful thing about brokenness that comes from God is that it is His brokenness too. Every tear you shed is His. Every smile and giggle you share is from Him. Every prayer you speak He hears. I am so very proud of you! Keep up the great LOVE.

    ps Thanks for praying for my wife... (love you Melissa)