Monday, July 13, 2009

First day at the hospital!

Today was our first day at the hospital and what a life changing experince we each had. Tonight during our group devotional time we each shared what we took away from our experince today and everyone had a different response. It was hard, yet God's mercy was so good to us and we were each so blessed by Him. We all held the babies and prayed over them speaking God's love into them. We were all excited to see the babies respond in postive ways to us. Many of the children would laugh or smile at us as we talked and played with them. We felt like God was showering his favor on us as we poured into his little ones and they received what we were able to offer.
Many of us left the hospital brokenhearted for all that we saw, but many of us were also encouraged by seeing some mothers staying with their children and to experince God's healing. Praise God we did have a healing today. There was one little baby off in a corner crib, and at first Melissa was told that that baby needed to stay in his crib, but shortly after she was allowed to hold him. He had some respiratory problems and as he breathed he was wheezing. She prayed over him and at the instant of her command for his breathing to be healed his wheezing was gone!! We are praising God for his healing and expecting more to come this week.


  1. yeah! more miracle more! BIG GOD OH! Go for it ladies. He wants even more than you do for those kids so pray without ceasing! Yeah, HIS power is there and you are the spark to make it explode. So light up that place with the FATHER'S love that is delivered by you, His daughters.

    PS Melissa, I miss you.

  2. How wonderful to be changing the course of a life! You ladies are doing great work. Stand together for that purpose. The babies are blessed to know love, feel love for even a moment. God will multiply it and extend it beyond your stay. So love with everything you have and ask God to fill you up for each new day. I am lifting you in prayer. Much love,

  3. Hi mom - it's Cuyler - I love you and I miss you. I'm glad you got there safe. Do good work for the LOrd. God bless you and I love you, cuyler.

  4. Hi mom it's Cuyler again - I love you - have a safe flight home.

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