Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pictures of Farm 10, 11 and a support family

These first two pictures are of a family that is in need of sponsorship. The little girl stole my heart!! She kept peeking around the gate to wave at me!
These are the kids from Farm 10 after we gave them the gifts that were sent from back home...those were some happy kids!!

this is an example of gypsy travel

This is farm 11. It hasn't been renovated yet, there is raw sewage seeping up through the ground because their septic tanks need repair.

this is the patriarch of the families of farm 10...he was very hospitable!

these are the current bathrooms for farm 11, there are about 50 kids alone that have to use these.


  1. wow Melissa you are beautiful. is this one of the families that can be adopted? is it a community or just a house you are at? those children looked happy. That old guy knows your married right...lol.
    hope you are getting rested. love you

  2. it looks like you ladies are haveing such a blessing doing Gods work. I know that you will never be the same. Valvet you are missed. I can' wait for you to get home. May God bless and keep you all

  3. I miss that beautiful city, and that delicious ice cream. Soak up every second. Praying for you all.

    ~ Erynn

  4. Melissa-
    Glad to see that you are having a good time. The children are adorable. Ethan misses his aunt and can't wait to see her again next week:) Hope you have another wonderful day!

  5. It is so wonderful for you all to see the healings that God is doing for those babies. I know that there is going to be much more that you will be able to tell us about when you get home