Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4- morning shift

Valvet, Melissa, Colleen and I (Theresa) had a beautiful day today. Colleen's little one is roughly 15 months old, but does not walk or talk. Today as Colleen sat holding her she would reach up, touch her face, and smile. She loves to laugh every time Colleen gives her a kiss. Valvet's little one, Dianna, was laughing and playing with her. Melissa's little one, Eddie was playing with her cell phone and learned how to say "Alo, Eddie!" it was wonderful to hear his raspy little voice!! Little Samuel has my heart...he is so malnurished that he doesn't try to stand and can barely hold himself in a sitting position. We've been exercising those little legs and today he stood on them for the first time for me! I also went with a nurse to help with the ear clinic. Robert had infection in his right ear today...they popped his eardrum to release the fluid. It was very painful for me to watch, I pray that the medical conference Hope for the Nations is providing in August will help the doctors here learn other practices for these basic issues. God, open their eyes and ears to new techniques!

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  1. Wow, these pictures touch your heart! What a great job you guys are doing for the Lord.