Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 at the hospital

We had a great day in the hospital today. Tracy gained a victory with the little one she has been working with the past few days. As soon as she walked into her room this morning the little girl lifted her hands up to Tracy to be taken out of her crib. The two had a good time interacting and Tracy was able to get her to laugh. She is bonding with Tracy in a powerful and special way. The afternoon shifted noticed that she was struggling with feeling alone because she began crying out again. We are praying that her spirit will continue to be healed and ask that all of you pray for her brokenness also.

Melissa fell in love with a little boy named Eddy. He is one of the older children on the respiratory floor, although he does not seem to have any sickness besides being left. He has a free spirit when he has shoes on and is able to play around the room, but once he has to be placed back into the crib he screams out and paces back and forth. Yesterday Melissa worked a lot with him and began teaching him a game with our "official badges" and today he began the game on his own. We each know that we are making a difference here because of children like Eddy who remember the time we spend with them.

Robin has been working with a special needs baby. We all know that Robin's time with Maria will impact Maria's life in a big way because it is so easy for these special needs children to be over looked.

Theresa has been working a lot with a little boy who looks to be around the of age 8 months based on his size, but today we found out that he is a year and a half old. He needs a lot of physical love, but more importantly he needs a lot of spiritual and emotional love.

Valvet worked with the babies, but also did diaper distribution. Hope for the Nations provides diapers for all the children in the hospital who are with out any family. Valvet walked all the floors with one of the supervisors and passed out the diapers. During that time she was able to see children on the surgery, maternity, cancer, ICU, respiratory, digestive, and physic floor.

Colleen worked with a little girl who is older, but small. She should be up walking and running around, but she does not have the strength or muscle mass to support herself when she stands. She is quick to give a smile and learned how to blow kisses. She has a sweet spirit and a tender heart.

We love all the babies in the hospital and are growing more and more attached to them.

This evening we went to Alisha's new apartment and had dinner with the whole Hope for the Nations team. We ate a german food called bread on a stick (which is literally bread that you bake on a stick). We were able to spend a couple hours talking and hearing the hearts of the volunteers who live in Romania. We all feel so blessed to have spent time with them and serve along side them. The week is flying by fast and we can't believe we only have a couple more days with the staff and children at the hospital.

Thank you for your support and prayers!! Please keep praying for chains to be broken and God's spirit to flow through this city and country.


  1. It is so good to hear of all that God is doing! He has been so faithful to answer the cries of our hearts! I pray Holy Spirit that you would bring comfort to Colleen, Robin, Melissa, Valvet, Tracy and Theresa as they continue to expose their hearts and reach out in love to these little ones. I pray comfort as they prepare to leave that you would guard their hearts with your peace.

    Can't wait to hear more of what God is doing in and through you all!