Sunday, July 12, 2009

A rainy day!

Hi everyone,

Here's an update on our day. We all slept in for some much needed sleep after our long day of traveling. We got up and met the team who works for Hope for the Nations for lunch. While we ate at a cute litte place, we were given our badges and schedules for the week. Three members of the team, Theresa, Valvet and Melissa, will be going with Mark on Tuesday to visit some families that are in need. We are expectant for what will come through their time there in a couple days. After a fun lunch we came back and prepared to grocery shop. We had to take a taxi to get to the nearest shopping center. It was an interesting and challenging experince to take 7 women on a shopping trip with a budget, but we did it!!! After we got back and unpacked some of us went walking through the streets in the rain. There were a ton of Romanian people hanging out around all the shopping areas and the fountain. It is really fun to see cobble stone streets filled with people and large umbrellas and chairs set up for people to hang out.

This evening we spent time talking and praying for what we expect and want God to do this week. We have high expectations and are so thankful that we serve a God who will go far beyond our expectations.

Tomorrow morning Melissa, Valvet and Colleen will work the morning shift at the hospital, and Robin, Tracey, and Theresa will work the afternoon. On our down time we are planning to do prayer walk around the city. We are all getting excited to meet the babies at the hospital and ready for another good nights sleep. Thanks for all your love, support and prayers.


  1. Sooo good to hear from you all the way over there! I love you Melissa and I'm praying for your safety and health! XOXO ~Amy Pete

  2. Change the world. My prayer for you guys is that you would be given the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation so that you may know Him better...

    Hug some kids for me. :)

    - adam

  3. The Lord knew what he was doing when he put all of you together. The children are going to be blessed in unbelievable ways. May every one you come in contact with or pass by be left with the visions of the KING and HIS love for them.
    Love you guys have a blast.
    Oh and Melissa we are getting closer to a close shave. hehehehehehe